For this webinar, ServiceNow and DxSherpa Technologies come together to showcase the impact they can bring in the manufacturing Industry.

Disruption is the hallmark of 2020. Although many leaders are used to some level of constant change, COVID-19 impacted the world in ways no one could have predicted. In turn, organizations have had to pivot and strategize, adapt and change in new ways. As organizations continue to respond to the crisis and explore new ways to operate and drive growth, the Gartner top strategic trends highlight areas of opportunity and ways for organizations to differentiate themselves from competitors. Organizations that are prepared to pivot and adapt will weather all types of disruptions. As always, these strategic technology trends do not operate independently of each other, but rather they build on and reinforce each other. Together they enable organizational plasticity that will help guide organizations in the next five years.

Successful smart factories require an intense level of orchestration and alignment! So to tackle this issue, we have formulated the following agenda

Phase 1: Emerging trends in Manufacturing

Here the DxSherpa Team will speak about the emerging trends in manufacturing and how smart factories are affected by them. They will focus on
ServiceNow for Manufacturing with the following points in mind!
People centricity: Despite the pandemic changing how many people work and interact with organizations, people are still at the center of all business — and they need digitalized processes to function in today’s environment.
Location independence: COVID-19 has shifted where employees, customers, suppliers and organizational ecosystems physically exist. Location independence requires a technology shift to support this new version of business
Resilient delivery: Whether a pandemic or a recession, volatility exists in the world

Phase 2: Customer Service transformation with ServiceNow

In this segment, ServiceNow Team will speak about how Customer Service will impact the indus try and smart factories.
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management) is a set of designer workflows and tools for connecting and tracking interactions with customers. The goal of ServiceNow Customer Service Management is to manage the customer experience related with the engagement channel or type of interaction. These Interactions can change how digital manufacturing can change the profitability and growth of the organization.

Phase 3: Case Studies

Here, the ServiceNow and DxSherpa Team will discuss about the success stories and the impact of NOW platform on the Manufacturing Industry


Sushil Choudhari: Senior Solution Architect at DxSherpa Technologies (
Kushagra Goswami: Sn.Solution Specialist at ServiceNow (

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