The state of manufacturing is constantly changing due to volatility in global, economic, and policy decisions. From trade policy to AI to IoT, 2019 has seen a number of developments that promise disruption in this sector. The 2020s will see a continuation of this trend, with numerous areas in manufacturing accelerated by network capabilities of 5G, the greater push for IoT, Industry 4.0, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Customer expectations and solving customer pain points are still the main drivers for digital transformation within companies. With eCommerce for manufacturers, CRM, and ERP platforms, customer data is more visible than ever and cannot be ignored by manufacturers in their transformation initiatives.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Implementing Digital workflows to make an impact on industry 4.0
  • ServiceNow and how successful have we been in manufacturing industry
  • Customer’s ServiceNow success Story
  • Conclusion and question

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