Dx Support Offering

DxSherpa has flexible ServiceNow support models which can be supplied as a service to your organization. Our team will work with client to ensure right model is selected and that model will meet operational and development needs of the support of your ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Dx Support

Communicate and resolve issues faster

Communicate and resolve issues faster
Onsite/Offshore Support Offering
  • It is mixed type of onsite and offshore cooperation.
  • The work is distributed between onsite and offshore teams.
  • SDM is available to coordinate between onsite and offshore team.

Offshore Support Offering
  • Consultants work from DxSherpa location.
  • Client is able to communicate with offshore team through Skype, Phone, Video Calls, etc.
  • SDM is available to manage all activities that influence the project and thus, the communication to offshore team.

Choose your right support model

Resource Based Model

  • Frequent new enhancements.

  • Require a dedicated support team, that means they’re there for you and they know your business, support history and your staff inside out.
  • Clarity is available what type of talent is required for tasks, ex. junior engineer, senior engineer, SME, etc
  • Require self-service for end-users to resolve their own problems that reduces demand on the tech support/help desk team.
  • Frees your staff to focus on other key business activities
  • Automation is the business focus.
  • Company needs to provide complete 24x7x365 operations support.

Support Automation Model

Ticket Based Model

  • No clarity on tickets complexity
  • Company has a small group of people with a select skill set that is expected to support multiple technologies.
  • Require fixed-fee based services on defined scope and agreed norms.
  • Doesn’t have appropriate skilled personas to handle ServiceNow tickets.

ServiceNow Support Benefits

Reduce Operational Expenses Year on year

Cost saving benefits passed to customer through improved efficiency and automation

Continual Service Improvement

Improved Process Maturity and Quality, Better Proactive approach to Eliminate Service Outages

Flexible Model

Resource available as and when needed.

Management Control

Governance meetings highlights areas for improvement with SDM and Real-time visibility of services

Complete Solution

Accredited and Experienced ServiceNow Consultants cover every aspect of managing the Now Platform (admin, support, enhancements)

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