In this webinar on Vaccination Administration Management, we will be covering the following points:


1. Current challenge – Vaccines are being produced on a vast scale, yet the vaccinated population is far less. This failure can be attributed to the gap and miscommunication between the participating members in the vaccination cycle.

2. Introduction to Vaccine Management solution – ServiceNow Vaccine Management forms a link between workforces from different sectors, creating a symphony between the entire vaccine supply chain. The platform acts as a shared, centralized database where these participating members can create and share data.

3. How it works – ServiceNow Vaccine Management has a command centre to address priorities in the vaccine supply chain. It does so by breaking down the entire process into Distribution, Administration and Monitoring.

4. Impact of Vaccine Management solution on organizations – Help organizations improve their service delivery by addressing recipient concerns and appointment management with an easy-to-deploy solution. This approach makes it possible to improve experiences for all those involved in administering vaccines—from the recipient to provider admins to the clinician.

5. Case study – 50% reduction in service delivery costs, 600 service improvements in one year; and 90% customer satisfaction, up from 77%.


1. Sushil Chaudhari – Sr. Solution Architect, DxSherpa Technologies

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