DxSherpa experts work in partnership with your system administrators and technical staff to configure and integrate the platform seamlessly with industry leading applications.

ServiceNow Integration Platforms

DxSherpa provides the integration services to integrates with many third party applications and data sources using the technique like Web Services, LDAP, JDBC, CSV, Excel and Email as well the technologies that use SOAP UI, REST or WSDL also using API and command-line integrations can be done using a MID Server. Our customers obtain additional value by integrating ServiceNow with third-party applications. Integration increases operational efficiency, reduces total cost, and increases quality.

With highly skilled technical experts we have successfully integrated AutomationEdge RPA Tool with ServcieNow Application which is helping our customers to reduce their time and efforts to execute the IT processes manually.

Ready Adaptors

DxSherpa maintains a library of ready to use Integration adapters (of 25+ applications and still adding) for various industry tools and applications. Our ready to use adapters focuses on strategy of various organizations to have a single centralized system of control for managing the flow of data and information floating across multiple technologies in a single platform. Our solutions are used in Enterprise Finance, HR, Security and Customer management.

The library covers following technological areas:

To know more about ServiceNow Integration Services, get in touch

To know more about ServiceNow Integration Services, get in touch