IT Service Management with ServiceNow

Deliver scalable services that increase productivity and create amazing experiences wherever your organization focuses with the most advanced IT Service Management solution with ServiceNow and DxSherpa technologies.

It Service Management With ServiceNow
Executive Profiles on ServiceNow

Executive Profiles on ServiceNow

Get insights from executives who have unlocked their organization’s digital potential of what they can achieve with ServiceNow IT Service Management


ITSM is important for various reasons. Implementing of IT Service Management with ServiceNow can regularize processes through a structured delivery. IT Service Management implementation with ServiceNow also reduces costs by structuring a predictable IT organization. Implementing ITSM for business benefits by bringing actionable insights helps in decision making.

IT Specific Benefits


  • Increased IT efficiency and productivity through defined roles and responsibilities

  • Process Implementation based on best practices

  • Increased support to counter regularity and compliance challenges

  • Increased visibility and understanding of IT services

  • Reduced incident lifecycles

Business Level Itsm Benefits


  • Better understanding of Business needs

  • Higher IT service availability levels for higher business productivity

  • Increased value and cost efficiency Manage expectations better

  • Reduced impact of incidents on the business

Looking to Get Started With an ServiceNow ITSM Platform

Looking to get started with an ServiceNow ITSM Platform?

DxSherpa Technologies can support any organization with ServiceNow IT Service Management through License Distribution, ITSM Platform support and resources


Highlights of IT Service management with ServiceNow


Enhance the Service Experience

Automate support for common requests with virtual agents powered by natural language understanding (NLU). Engage users with natural, human conversation to provide consistent good customer service experiences


Consolidate IT Services

Rapidly consolidate existing tools to a single system of action in the cloud.


Improve IT productivity

Use machine learning algorithms and virtual agents to automate routine tasks and increase the productivity of agents.


Gain visibility into processes and services

Get full visibility into any process or service with built-in dashboards and analytics providing realtime, actionable intormation to improve service quality.


Provide mobile connectivity

Enable employees to find answers and get work done from a modern mobile application.

Grow to ITSM Professional

Grow to ITSM Proffesional

Supercharge your IT Service Management (ITSM) with the power of machine learning, the speed and availability of virtual agents, and the insight of Performance Analytics. Get a free white paper.


The ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solution provides scalable workflows to manage and deliver IT services to through a single cloud-based platform. The ITSM solution can help increase your productivity, resolve issues and improve user satisfaction. Since the ServiceNow ITSM Solution is powered by platform native AI users can quickly accelerate technology changes and view recommended actions for incoming tickets or requests and drive self-service and automation through enterprise Chabot technology. The NOW Platform also provides users access to ITSM via mobile or web-portal interfaces.


ITSM Modules for ServiceNow

DxSherpa makes a shift to a new state-of-the-art facility at Pune

Incident Management

Removing malfunctions quicker and increasing IT service availability

Request Management

Fulfilling end users’ IT-related requests

Problem Management

Searching and removing the root causes of similar incidents to prevent any more incidents of the same nature

Knowledge Management

Accumulating knowledge on incident resolution and sharing it with the entire IT support team & end users

Configuration Management

Keeping track of all IT infrastructure elements &solving incidents faster knowing the interrelations

Change Management

Introducing changes to the IT infrastructure to remove the root causes of problems

Service Level Management

Tracking the speed of incident resolution & checking its compliance with the established quality of service

Reports and Dashboards

Getting insights into IT support performance

And Many More

Is Getting a Servicenow Itsm License With a Good Deal a Problem

Is getting a ServiceNow ITSM License with a good deal a problem?

With DxSherpa Technologies, you can get the best deals and requirements on licenses for ServiceNow ITSM. Our team identifies your core needs and then consults you on the best path for digital transformation.


Case Study

Enhance IT Service Experience

With the Now platform, DxSherpa technologies reduced costs and streamlined workflows for the client. One example being we broke down incidents by service type through a simple drop down rather than filling a complete form for the same.

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