IT Business Management with ServiceNow

Reduce time to market, budget and staff projects based on priority, retire unneeded applications, launch new IT changes to satisfy business demand, and manage development and testing progress to gain power over your IT. ServiceNow IT Business Management is key to all business solutions

It Business Management With ServiceNow
Turbo Charge Your PMO With ServiceNow ITBM

Turbo charge your PMO with ServiceNow ITBM

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IT leaders are constantly managing the demand, priority and funding of their teams. ServiceNow IT Business Management with DxSherpa technologies enables them to deal with challenges and helps organizations to manage and develop their core business services through digital workflows. IT Business Management helps businesses to achieve their targets by improving the three core aspects of any delivery pipeline – Visibility, Alignment, and Speed. The ServiceNow ITBM comes with a set of powerful tools such as Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Finance Management and so forth


Benefits of IT Business management with ServiceNow

Business Alignment with ServiceNow ITBM

ServiceNow ITBM improves the alignment of business services, accelerates service delivery, and offers visibility. Forrester Research interviewed ServiceNow ITBM customers and identified the following as key benefits of ServiceNow ITBM :

  • Unified Platform

  • Digital and Flexible Workflows

  • Immense Configurability

Business Alignment with ServiceNow ITBM
Looking to get started with an ServiceNow ITBM Platform?

Looking to get started with an ServiceNow ITBM Platform?

DxSherpa Technologies can support any organization with ServiceNow IT Business Management through License Distribution, ITBM Platform support and resources.


Highlights of IT Business Management with ServiceNow


Align applications with business goals and priorities

With ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) , get visibility into your applications to manage costs, ensure alignment, and easily adapt to change


Align work to goals and strategy to ensure you work on the right projects

Project Portfolio Management(PPM) manages your entire project life cycle from idea to execution across your technology and business portfolios. This comprehensive solution includes applications to help you manage your project portfolio, resources, demands , timecards, ideas, and agile delivery.


Engage employees for the next big ideas

With Innovation Management, enable your employees to submit ideas for new products and features. Track and covert ideas to demands, projects , stories, and other SFAe work items to deliver business outcomes with speed and agility, all from one location.


Simplify your funding workflow

Enhanced and simplified processes for top-down and bottom-up funding makes it easier for you to request and allocate funds to investments


Gain visibility into Software Development Life Cycle

The ServiceNow Agile Development and Scale Agile Framework(SAFe) application enable you to manage scrum, hybrid, or watefall development efforts throughout the cycle, from inception through testing and development.

Identify indicators that act as “you are here” milestones in ITBM

Identify indicators that act as “you are here” milestones in ITBM

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ServiceNow ITBM offers an extensive set of features consolidated into 4 segments: Project and Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development and Test, and IT Financial Management.


ITBM Modules for ServiceNow

Demand Management

Identifying, prioritizing and authorizing IT improvement ideas called demands

Program Management

Managing closely related projects and demands as single programs

Financial Planning

Predicting and allocating budget for projects ,portfolios and programs

Test Management 2.0

Orchestrating testing efforts associated with Agile Development

Project Management

Initiating, planning and executing projects based on approved demands

Resource Management

Distributing resources among projects and maintaining their availability

Financial Charging

Tracking IT costs associated with business units and their requests

Time Tracking

Tracking costs for each task within ServiceNow ITBM by recording work time spent on it

Portfolio Management

Logically grouping & managing connected programs, project and demands as high-level portfolios

Agile Development

Executing development tasks as part of product- or project-based development efforts

Financial Modelling

Monitoring how money is spent in IT to improve cost reduction

And Many More

Is getting a ServiceNow ITBM License with a good deal a problem?

Is getting a ServiceNow ITBM License with a good deal a problem?

With DxSherpa Technologies, you can get the best deals and requirements on licenses for ServiceNow ITBM. Our team identifies your core needs and then consults you on the best path for digital transformation.


Case Study

Enhance IT Service Experience

With the Now platform, DxSherpa technologies reduced costs and streamlined workflows for the client. One example being we broke down incidents by service type through a simple drop down rather than filling a complete form for the same.

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