ServiceNow for Payers

ServiceNow provides payers with a unified solution to automate operations and deliver better customer experiences with its Now Platform.

ServiceNow for Payers
ServiceNow for Payers

Overcome the greatest challenge of growing costs and manual process with Servicenow for Healthcare Payers to identify growth opportunities.


Consumer needs are changing, healthcare prices are rising, and technology is constantly developing, all of which are causing industry-wide transformations. The challenge for payers is mostly focused on assisting consumers in paying for the rising costs of care-from strengthening wellness programmes to removing obstacles to care access. Automation, artificial intelligence, and other sophisticated technologies are crucial in laying the path for future success, but adjusting to these changes is a difficult task. At every turn, legacy technology and manual processes appear to get in the way.

ServiceNow for Healthcare Payers assists payers in overcoming operational difficulties and providing better customer experiences. Payers can accelerate their digital changes by using a single platform.

Improving payer options

Models of delivery are rapidly evolving and hence payers have to keep up by digitising manual operations while also eliminating operational waste. Payers can use ServiceNow to create an integration hub that brings together essential processing systems including claims, enrollment, billing, finance, medical management, provider operations, and employer group implementations. Improve productivity and profitability, as well as create a solid framework for emerging services such as home health and telehealth.

Service Experiences

Consumers in the healthcare industry want quick case resolution and consistent experiences. However, delivering is difficult due to fragmented departments and disconnected tools.


Features of ServiceNow for Payers

Customer Service Excellence

Self-service websites can help members rapidly report claims and get the information they need. Customers can see a complete inventory of the services online using ServiceNow self-service features, which give them real-time visibility into claims. When clients contact, the agents can give the quickest, most accurate service possible by entering into a single platform and handling all parts of each inquiry. Following that, digital document management workflows ensure that your clients may submit claims and complete other routine activities online rather than dealing with the inconvenient and time-consuming processes of fax, mail, and email.

Middle Office Processing

Consolidate core processing systems into a single integrated hub, from claims to medical management with ServiceNow. ServiceNow creates an integration hub that connects all the essential core processing systems, including claims, enrollment, billing, finance, medical management, provider, and employer group implementations. The operations staff can identify and allocate issues to the appropriate departments, as well as track them until they are resolved. It helps you stay one step ahead of the competition by tracking the health of your customer’s products and systems in real-time and alerting them to any issues

Group And Member Onboarding

Enrollment and deployment should result in consumer-grade experiences. ServiceNow provides end-to-end case management for all users across the lifecycle, including CRM triggers, knowledge, scripting, and PPM integration, as well as IT ticket production from the case and engagement levels. This helps to ensure that go-live dates are met by bringing together the multiple contact points, interactions, vendors, and partners that make up the long and difficult process of adopting an employer group.

Home Health Operations Management

From the initial call, ServiceNow combines field service functions with the rest of the company, allowing the business to connect a member with the appropriate healthcare resource. Embedded scripts and actions allow physicians to complete more than one job every visit, extending the reach. ServiceNow for Payers provides its services through phone, email, live chat, self-service portals, and mobile which helps the members to deliver a consistent consumer-centric experience.


ServiceNow for
Healthcare Payers

  • Embrace new delivery models
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Gain visibility across processes and lines of business .
  • Influence and manage patient outcomes in conjunction with a provider.

  • To speed up claim resolution, digitise workflows and consolidate all main processing platforms.

  • IT has the visibility it needs to identify service outages and quickly determine their root causes thanks to a single, integrated, personalized onboarding experience.

ServiceNow for Healthcare Payers

Why should organizations go for Servicenow for Payers?

Personalize Member

Throughout the member lifetime, consumerize your customer offers to enable services and resolutions for the moments that matter with ServiceNow.

Streamline Company’s

Speed up operations, put enrollment, claims, and provider management duties in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Maintain Smooth Claims

With ServiceNow automated processes, you may get real-time visibility into fundamental system faults, security, and compliance threats, and act quickly.

Improve IT

With detailed service mapping, you can keep claims processing or enrolment running smoothly.

Address Service
Degradation And Risks

Utilize automated processes to gain real-time visibility into fundamental system faults, security, and compliance threats.

Empower self service tools for real time status with ServiceNow

Stay one step ahead of the competition by tracking the health of your customer’s products and systems in real-time and alerting them to any issues.

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ServiceNow for Payers