ServiceNow For Life Sciences

ServiceNow eliminates the inconveniences and headaches that undermine patient enrollment and retention by integrating and streamlining the entire participant process – from enrollment to conclusion – on a single, secure, cloud-based platform.

ServiceNow For Life Sciences
ServiceNow For Life Sciences

Overcome challenges of life sciences with an integrated and centralized management system provided by ServiceNow


The life sciences business is rapidly changing. More diversity in clinical trials, consumer-grade services throughout the patient journey, and an increased requirement for accuracy to remove market barriers are all being driven by the market. The expenses of producing novel pharmaceuticals are rising, despite attempts to lower consumer costs. Meanwhile, the worldwide regulatory landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with firms facing significant fines when adverse occurrences or recalls occur.

World-Class Life Sciences Ecosystem

Companies must be adaptable and flexible while avoiding the potential landmines of regulatory fines and public image. By allowing more participation from participants, clinicians, and R&D, the ultimate goal is to enhance patient outcomes and provide ever-greater value. Efforts to digitally change workflows can reduce errors and standardize operations across departments by automating and digitizing them. However, old systems that are fragmented and inflexible restrict firms from having an end-to-end perspective of their operations, making it difficult to communicate information, track compliance needs, and collaborate effectively to improve patient experiences. These issues can have an impact on clinical trial recruitment, retention, and expenses.

ServiceNow for Life sciences in Healthcare allows life sciences companies to communicate with patients via a secure web gateway, improving accuracy and lowering expenses. It provides embedded knowledge that is useful throughout the trial workflow because it encourages participants to take consistent activities. In addition, from a single screen, it helps monitor wearable assets, perform trend analysis, and generate reports. With ServiceNow for Lifesciences, patients can now receive more tailored, specialized treatments because of next-generation technologies and the explosion of data.

ServiceNow helps life sciences organizations tackle these operational challenges to create cohesive processes and systems that improve the experiences of patients and employees.


Create An Impact :

ServiceNow for Lifesciences helps to break free from the siloed mindset that causes delays, inaccuracies, and frustrations.

End-to-End Clinical Trial Procedures :

The value of end-to-end clinical trial procedures is given importance by ServiceNow to boost participant retention rates and improving clinical trial workflows.

Operational Challenges

Improving The Patient Experience :

Patients and consumers, especially those enrolled in clinical trials, require a simpler, faster way to obtain essential information about their prescription drugs.

Creating Cohesion To Move Faster :

Service for Life Sciences help organizations to move out of the siloed approach that leads to delays, inaccuracies, and employee frustrations.

From expediting the onboarding process to developing channels that keep patients connected and informed throughout their care journey to enhancing compliance and reporting, ServiceNow life sciences solutions help businesses every step of the way. Everyone has a clear view of the data they need and the actions that are taking place. Finally, a positive clinical trial experience results in loyal, long-term consumers.


Benefits of ServiceNow for Life Sciences

Makes it easy for patients to receive information regarding clinical trials, medicinal therapies, and medical gadgets.

Provides self-service tools for simple interactions. Gain global visibility into all of your facilities’ equipment and software to see problems early and respond fast & effectively.

Change the way information flows between researchers, physicians, & operational teams to streamline R&D to help everyone move faster and find time to develop, reducing common sources of irritation.

Recognize the financial effect of unfortunate occurrences and other risks, and act sooner with a thorough, real-time perspective It helps to speed up resolution & be ready for audits along with reduced risks.

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