ServiceNow for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

ServiceNow provides a single unified solution to healthcare providers to streamline operations, break down silos and deliver better care to patients along with digital workflows for clinical teams.

ServiceNow for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
ServiceNow for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Streamline workflows with a single unified platform ServiceNow builds a communication link to connect teams, digital workflows, and systems-all on a single, integrated platform.


ServiceNow provides an improved and enhanced healthcare delivery system that is accurate, faster and delivers innumerable benefits to the quality of human life. Transform Healthcare service delivery with a single platform.

Vaccine Management : ServiceNow makes vaccine administration and monitoring easier by linking workflows across enterprises and systems. The solution provides self-service features and manages appointments using the prebuilt workflows.

Benefits :

  • ServiceNow for Healthcare Providers helps with workflow management software tools which makes it easier for suppliers to coordinate their efforts with those of other vaccine supply chain partners.

  • It provides real-time data access and analysis about vaccine management activities. It helps the providers to know how many vaccine doses they’re going to receive, and when and where they will arrive.

Clinician Lifecycle Management : Using a single service delivery platform, ServiceNow makes it simple for hospitals to set up and manage onboarding and other clinician lifecycle events across many departments and external organisations. This greatly enhances the efficiency of the medical staffing department as well as the candidate onboarding experience. When you can provide physicians with the speedy consumer-like service experience they deserve, it makes it easier and faster for them to start seeing patients.

Benefits :

  • A single destination for all clinician onboarding services and tasks: ServiceNow helps to design a unique physician portal that gives new hires and existing physicians a single point of contact for all onboarding, as well as other medical staffing and HR services including credentialing assistance and tracking of mandatory continuing education. It makes use of a service delivery platform with case and knowledge management, a strong workflow engine, and mobile capabilities. It provides a personalized step-by-step assistance that ensures the candidates and workers have all of the information they need to make the best decisions and move the process along quickly. This lowers the expense of bringing on a new employee.
  • Orchestrate, integrate, and automate tasks across departments and external agencies: ServiceNow organises and automates complicated processes and duties that begin with medical staffing but require the involvement of other departments. The ServiceNow for healthcare provider’s core platform can also interact with external organisations like the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial credentialing programmes, allowing for a tailored experience across departments and external entities.
  • Orchestrate and automate other clinician employee lifecycle events across departments: Service for Healthcare Providers enables clinicians to improve lifecycle events such as ongoing training, continuing education, certification, and licence revalidation in a seamless and painless manner that reduces expense and disruption while the doctor remains engaged with patients. ServiceNow’s healthcare service delivery solution aids in the management of this process by initiating tasks across departments based on a variety of lifecycle events. Workflows, for example, can maintain track of mandatory training, continuing education, and relicensing dates to ensure adherence to the clinician’s role-specific criteria.

EMR HELP : The ServiceNow Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is an important part of providing appropriate and timely high-quality treatment. For both clinicians and patients, they serve as the sole source of truth. Clinicians may file a service request straight from the EMR into ServiceNow using the NOW platform, whether it’s to highlight a problem or request enhancements like adding blood pressure details to the intake screen. With the help of ServiceNow EMR, the physician can create this request automatically with the touch of a button. It can even capture a screenshot to help with IT troubleshooting. The clinician’s request is also linked to their user profile, allowing them to watch its progress, and the workflow is streamlined because requests are immediately forwarded to the appropriate teams for resolution. It aids in the delivery of improved services by focusing physicians’ attention on the patient experience.

Health IT systems support clinicians in the delivery of high-quality care: Healthcare organisations can simplify EMR service requests for clinicians reporting difficulties and requesting upgrades that will improve their experience by leveraging the capability of ServiceNow IT Service Management with EMR Help. This method allows IT to respond fast, ensuring that patients get the greatest possible experience at the point of treatment.

Benefits :

Clinicians :

  • Clinicians are more likely to disclose problems in the EMR, resulting in fewer unreported problems and walk-away patients.
  • Issues with EMRs are captured, tracked, and remedied more quickly.
  • Because everything takes place within the EMR, the clinician’s user experience increases.
  • Clinicians can devote more time to their patients and less time to IT.


  • IT can manage projects, resources, and deliverables from a single platform.
  • It reduces the number of times clinicians must contact IT to inquire about the status of issue remediation and upgrade requests
  • By automatically routing issues to the appropriate teams, you may increase productivity and speed in resolving issues.


Vaccine Management

Easier for suppliers to coordinate Provides real-time data access and analysis.

Clinician Lifecycle Management

Single point of contact for all onboarding Organises and automates complicated processes Enables clinicians to improve lifecycle events.


Clinicians devote more time to their patients Management of projects and resources on single platform Quick capture, tracking and remedy of EMRs Increase in productivity and speed.


Streamline processes with ServiceNow by breaking down silos. As well as providing superior treatment.

ServiceNow for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
  • Patients can communicate directly with their care team through a voice-activated virtual bedside assistant, while AI-powered request prioritising and smart routing ensures that the right resources are allocated effectively.
  • Every new employee can quickly and easily get oriented and established on your system with a single, integrated, customised onboarding experience.
  • Clinicians can request services straight from the EMR by pressing a button. The request is automatically routed and labelled, allowing the clinician to track its progress.
  • Full lifecycle management of clinical assets across your organization-all from a single pane of glass-assists in reducing the risk associated with linked medical devices.

Why should healthcare providers choose ServiceNow?


Improve The Patient Experience : Personalized self-service products can improve patient satisfaction by connecting diverse tools allowing patients to acquire the information they require more quickly.

Help Clinicians Save Time : From self-service tools to quicker onboarding for new recruits, ServiceNow streamlines clinical procedures and integrates crucial systems to make work easier for clinicians

Modernize IT And Workflows : To provide the best possible patient care, connect legacy healthcare information technology, ServiceNow breaks down walls between clinical and operations teams, and digitises workflows.

Protect Health Data : It assists in safeguarding patients’ health information from security dangers. All threats can be seen and combated in one spot.

Simplify Compliance : ServiceNow embraces cloud technology and digital transformation with an adaptive, trusted platform to make compliance reporting easy

Make Healthcare better with ServiceNow

Take a step towards healthcare digitization to gain a competitive advantage, thereby ensuring more power and success to the healthcare industry.

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ServiceNow for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers