Address issues related to Automation and Service

Various Operations Desk, ranging from IT to HR to Travel and more, in an organization provide various service offerings and remediation flows to the clients and prospects. The most important aspect of these brings customer satisfaction and long time engagement. Customer Satisfaction depends on the quality of customer experience delivered during the fulfillment of requests from these desks. ServiceAutomate is an intelligent operations management suite based on ServiceNow which addresses the business challenges imposed by inefficiently managed desks such as:

  • Increased Costs
  • Over-worked L1 and L2 Staff
  • Inefficient fulfillment process
  • Huge turnaround times for fulfillment leading to SLA breach
  • Round-the-clock Support
  • Overall, A Skewed Customer Experience and turns it into a delightful engaging customer experience.

With ServiceAutomate, the clients can focus on creative combination of support agents and ServiceAutomate bots which can cater the best customer experience by automating 50% of service requests related to any type of operations. With us clients get seamless customer service with reduced costs

ServiceAutomate Business Benefits

Improved user interface with
amazing customer experience

Automation resolution of tickets
with machine learning

Auto-classification of tickets
to save support staff time

Human error reduction

Reduction of total cost

Expert Analysis for optimizing
the existing flows.

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Want to know more about ServiceAutomate

Want to know more about ServiceAutomate