Industrial Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

Digital technologies are changing with innovation and providing better digital outcomes. DxSherpa is one of the fastest growing Technology Services Company. We guide clients in their Industrial Digital Transformation Journey with ServiceNow and Digital Workflows.

Industrial Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

Digital Transformation :
A Necessary Disruption

Digital transformation in the industry

Digital transformation in the industry has gone from being an option that could give companies a competitive advantage to being a necessity for surviving in the competition.

DxSherpa Technologies has provided solutions to many industries with special emphasis in Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare.

Companies must create an environment that makes possible new approaches or technologies quickly and then iteratively make improvements and improve the business outcomes and growth of the company.


Why Industrial
Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation in the industry provides an opportunity to use the new techniques, skills to improve the business efficiency and productivity. And this transformation is not only about new technologies being adapted but it’s also about the cultural changes within the organization for better management and results in all work areas.

CIOs who have adopted a greater level of workflow digitization are more likely to report highly successful outcomes.

Here are some of benefits:


Improved Efficiency & Productivity :

Digital transformation enhances the ability to interconnect and communicate fastly and help them to take centralised decisions.


Transform Customer
Experience :

The experience of any customer is the heart of any business, so the main focus of digital transformation is to improve their experience for growth.


Consolidates Process and Operations :

Digitization helps in bringing the entire architecture together which enables the business to connect their target audience with better experience.


Improves Use of
Data Capacity :

Digital transformation increases the ability to track and analyze the metrics on time as a result, it allows effective decisions for better outcomes.


Increases Agility
& Innovation :

Being digital increases the chances of continuous improvement and innovation. The rapid development and changes helps businesses to be a top performer.

Industries and their Impacts

As we already discussed above about the benefits of industrial transformation. Now, we will discuss some of the industry and their impacts.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry :

Digital capabilities help manufacturing companies to exchange large amounts of data rapidly, store local data centrally without limitations. A digitally-integrated and intelligent value chain is vital to drive innovation and become customer-centric, which helps organizations for better workflow management and business outcomes.


Finance Industry :

Digital transformation in finance helps in creating the business strategy for better decision and growth rather than only technology. This allows companies to set realistic goals due to easy availability of accurate centralised data and it supports the strategic decisions of the companies for better business performance.

Finance Industry
Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry :

Digital transformation plays a significant role in the healthcare industry for streamline operations, better management , user experiences and building trust. Collecting and monitoring the data provided by digital communications is valuable. It helps in understanding the needs and behaviors of target users as a result, healthcare providers will analyze new ways to add value by building loyalty and trust.


Create New Business Opportunities with ServiceNow

Digital transformation creates new possibilities for your business, provides better service and innovative products and increases your organization productivity and profitability.

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