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How to build a healthy CMDB

Wed, Sep 22, 2021 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM IST

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What is the value of an up-to-date, accurate CMDB? What does a good CMDB implementation look like? What are the requirements? How do you get started?

The IT challenge:

With so much of the modern enterprise powered by IT, digital infrastructure and service visibility is critical. With an accurate, up-to-date view of your IT environment, you fix service issues faster, reduce operational and security risks, lower costs, increase agility, and make better business and technical decisions. However, this visibility is an elusive and constantly moving target. IT faces a proliferation of software, virtualized infrastructure, cloud services, containers, and mobile devices, and change is now measured in minutes. Consolidating, correlating, and maintaining complex, rapidly evolving data from multiple data sources is an enormous challenge, particularly when you are dealing with unknown IT components, inconsistent data quality, and ill-defined relationships between components. That’s why configuration management database (CMDB) projects have a reputation for misstarts, lengthy implementations, and ongoing maintenance challenges. Instead of creating a trusted repository for configuration item (CI) data, CMDB initiatives often result in limited business value and unrewarded effort.

The ServiceNow Solution:

The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database is an easy-to-use, cloud-based single system of record for your IT infrastructure and digital service data.It works seamlessly with your ServiceNow applications, delivering out-of-the-box value across the entire IT value stream—helping you to diagnose service outages, evaluate the service impact of changes, manage your assets, improve compliance, and more. And it’s designed to support dynamic virtualized and cloud environ-ments, giving you the real-time visibility you need to keep pace.

What you will be able to do after the Webinar:

– Evaluate the value of ServiceNow’s CMDB to your IT organization
– Prepare to run a CMDB Health Check
– Understand how to take action on Health

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