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DxSherpa Technologies has introduced a new service which can deal with IT resourcing and management during the covid-19 crisis. Our Service focuses on providing ServiceNow consultants and developers remotely to any organization either full-time or on-hourly basis as per their requirements. As deep-rooted technology consultants, we understand that covid-19 crisis has created a deep rooted impact on the IT industry across the globe. Our Hire a ServiceNow Developer engagement focuses on letting you connect with dedicated ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM, SecOps, CSM and Automation developers for faster, better and robust engagement with digital workflows.

Advantages of Hire-a-ServiceNow-Developer Service

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Hire-a-ServiceNow-Developer model focuses on 3 main highlights

Hire-a-ServiceNow-Developer Benefits

Hire a servicenow developer

The major advantage of taking Support services from DxSherpa is the fact that due to our various implementation capabilities we have established a good skillsets to handle different level of work at L1, L2 and L3 level.

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We ensure that the queries get responded in very minimal time and are resolved based on customer’s priority.

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Engineers are finalized on the basis of dedicated or shared team model whichever has been agreed with the customer.

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The engineers are available for support in various shifts based on customer location and requirement. (e.g. 9*5 or 12*5 or 24*5 or 24*7 support)

Want to know more about
Hire-a-ServiceNow-Developer service

Want to know more about
Hire-a-ServiceNow-developer service