Going beyond Automation with Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation with DxSherpa and AutomationEdge focuses on effective combination of complementary sets of tools which can integrate within functional and silo units to automate and augment business processes.

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Going beyond Automation with Hyperautomation
Plan your Hyperautomation Journey with us

Plan your Hyperautomation Journey with us

Hyperautomation enables existing automation capabilities to be scaled up and bots to perform more tasks.

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Planning your Hyperautomation journey with ServiceNow and AutomationEdge

A roadmap is the basic of any implementation when it comes to long term sustenance and acts as a layout for desired business outcomes. The roadmap helps us optimize and automate DigitalOps.

Planning your Hyperautomation journey with ServiceNow and AutomationEdge

Hyperautomation in ServiceNow platform with AutomationEdge

Intelligent Now Platform has solid foundation of tools for orchestration and automation of processes within those tasks. The Now platform with AutomationEdge capabilities consolidates Integration, decision management, SecOps, governance, automation and advanced analytics.

The ServiceNow platform and AutomationEdge bot focus on:


Managing cross-organization processes that span between people, processes and machines improving digital workflow transformation


Acts as a master orchestrator of process and managing tasks


Triggering RPA bot/script to automate tasks within a process


Monitoring metrics and creating analytics dashboard


Provides direct integration with API, services and devices


Delivering quick wins by automating routines and repetitive tasks


Transporting, consolidation and validation of data from disparate sources

To realize the business value, AutomationEdge and ServiceNow are a great combination that can deliver specific, measurable outcomes for targeted use cases. Collectively, the capabilities of AI and machine learning can make quantifiable business outcomes.

AI and machine learning can make quantifiable business outcomes
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ServiceNow ITBM offers an extensive set of features consolidated into 4 segments: Project and Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development and Test, and IT Financial Management.


Why work with DxSherpa?

Commitment and vision

We identify strategic digital pieces to enable enterprises to embrace digital by default. It enables organizations to see the magnitude of digital impact and help them implement the blueprint.

Technology Adoption

Implementing strategic changes in how to spur workplace innovation and cultivate digital experiences

Operational Excellence

Increases flexibility and agility to deploy enterprise-wide digital businesses through automating business activities, back-end process to provide better customer experience.

Enhance Business Capabilities

Evaluate efficiencies, the connectedness of the processes and predicting risk and opportunities.

Enhance Business Capabilities

To create personalized digital services resulting in higher customer lifetime value and increasing customer loyalty.

And Many More

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