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Our Approach

Understand the Current IT Inventory and capabilities in the organization along with the market leaders and consumer requirements Considering the extent, risk and alternative to which organization wants to modernize the IT landscape. Eg: An approach to utilize existing legacy systems then gradually transform to a entirely new system Managing the lifecycle costs, time constraints and plan accordingly to sprints of development Finally Implement the project through following steps

  • Project Plan
  • Communication Team
  • Team Management
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Deployment

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Define, Design and Execute

In the modern infrastructure and technology landscape, IT and other consumer facing departments are faced with challenges of designing & implementing efficient processes which would enable organizations to become agile.

DxSherpa Technologies consulting services helps organizations to manage the complexity of IT processes through a unique approach which can help in transforming the entire digital journey of the organization.

Using a holistic approach, we help organizations define, design and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality while creating new revenue streams.

At DxSherpa , we look at strategic IT not just as a service, but as a foundation of an organization. We help develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with ServiceNow platform that is closely linked to your business growth

We understand the current scenario and the organization goals to undertake steps to get you there

We help build a vision of the initiatives needed to align your IT capability with your business goals with a clear understanding of the recommended timeframe, sequence, and estimated cost of the improvements to evolve and remain relevant.

Business and IT Strategy Consulting

Understand the current situation and create a road map for digital transformation journey

Requirement Analysis

Assess and document projects from their core value to their execution

Want to avail Consulting Services

Want to avail Consulting Services