ServiceNow Vaccine Management: Ensuring a Triumphant COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Solution Overview

Tackling challenges for the betterment and seamless workflow forms the foundation for ServiceNow offerings. In this digital, technologically advanced world with a busy lifestyle of the population, who would’ve thought a virus would wreak havoc and take away the liberty of going out, no one saw it coming. No matter how unsolicited this situation is, it needs to be tackled effectively. The unprecedented, unfortunate situation the world is currently in will take some severe measures to resolve and go back to the pre-COVID lifestyle.

ServiceNow Vaccine Management

Vaccination, a quick look at Google Trends, and you would know this could easily be the most searched term in recent times. There’s a significant chance you are reading this blog from your office, but from your home, even in your work hours, owing to the pandemic out there. COVID has completely altered our lifestyle in the sense we work, factoring in all the sectors, be it IT, logistics, education, healthcare, travel and almost every sector, contributing to the never-ending cycle of survival on this planet. There is a degree of interdependence between these sectors, and hence, if there is a breakdown in the workflow of any of these sectors, another sector will inevitably take a hit.

Whether we like it or not, there’s no going back to the pre-COVID lifestyle anytime soon, and our only hope for now is, you’ve likely guessed it, vaccination.

ServiceNow vaccine management is the platform that promises that the vaccination drives carried out across the affected areas are successful and reach their desired output, which is vaccination of the mass population.

The Challenge at Hand

This pandemic has made one thing clear; healthcare delivery of most nations is inequitable and a massive failure. Ultimately, the development and distribution of the COVID vaccine are going to be dragged down due to this.

As strenuous as it was to research and develop an effective vaccine, the same degree of difficulty is being faced with affirming these vaccines reach out to the mass population out there. Vaccines are being produced on a vast scale, yet the vaccinated population is far less. This failure can be attributed to the gap and miscommunication between the participating members in the vaccination cycle. The absence of a centralized and shared database is to be blamed upon.

It is going to take a massive amount of planning for vaccine management to be effective and successful. It’s not just the volume of the vaccine rollout but also the time factor that needs to be thought of for the vaccine management roadmap. To tackle COVID-19 at the earliest, vast volumes of vaccines need to be delivered to various parts of the world in a narrow timeframe, which will be quite challenging without a vaccine management solution in place.

The Rational Solution

A single platform cannot drive the entire vaccine management cycle, or can it?

Enter ServiceNow Vaccine Management, the ultimate solution to overcome these complex challenges. ServiceNow Vaccine Management marries the entire vaccine management value chain from vaccine authorization to post-vaccination monitoring, thus guaranteeing a successful management process.

The entire vaccine management process is comprised of a workforce from different sectors, such as National Agencies and Government with the likes of state, provincial and local government agencies, analytics vendors, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, logistics, healthcare warriors and hospitals and finally at the end of the cycle is people like us to be vaccinated. ServiceNow Vaccine Management forms a link between these distinguishing sectoral workforce, creating a symphony between the entire vaccine supply chain.

The platform acts as a shared, centralized database where these participating members can create and share data.

To advocate for the abilities as mentioned above of the platform is the command centre. ServiceNow vaccine Management has a command centre to address priorities in the vaccine supply chain. It does so by breaking down the entire process into Distribution, Administration and Monitoring.

The Distribution phase looks upon:

  • Vaccine allocation
  • Transportation and storage

The Administration phase looks upon:

  • Vaccine capacity Management
  • Provider Management
  • Vaccine Administration Management
  • Employee Engagement

The Monitoring phase looks upon:

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Workplace Management

These processes cover the entire vaccination cycle right from vaccine production to delivery at authorized centres and ensure that the constituents are vaccinated, thereby bridging the gap between the participating members of the vaccination drive.

The core operational feature set of ServiceNow Vaccine Management that orchestrates the entire vaccine supply chain is comprised of:

1.Inventory Workbench

Inventory management aligns appointments directly with stock levels. The Inventory workbench showcases inventory related data such as:

  • Inventory levels at a specific location and per vaccine administrator
  • Threshold alerting when inventory levels hit a minimum level
  • QR/barcode support for tracking inventory supporting data entry
  • Traceability and transparency of inventory and consumables
  • Only allow appointments at locations with enough inventory

2.Clinical Workbench

Data displayed under Clinical Workbench screen supports vaccine administrators to understand work and track vaccines.

  • Scheduling of vaccine administrators and supporting staff based on appointments at a location
  • Tracking usage of vaccine types and consumables (PPE, dilutants, needles)
  • Appointment Show/No Show providing the ability to schedule new appointments proactively
  • Ability to capture feedback during appointment visible for citizen
  • Contextual knowledge and chatbot for instant support

3.Constituent Engagement

This screen would let users engage with the vaccination program with the following functionalities available for them.

  • Engagement via all channels with the vaccine distribution program
  • Personalized knowledge articles easily accessible
  • Ability to schedule and manage appointment
  • Notifications/reminders based on flexible workflows and integration data

4.Constituent Assessment and Communication

Over here, the user performs self-assessment by answering COVID related questions such as symptoms or contact with COVID positive individuals. Key highlight features include:

  • Geographic enabled self-assessment and prioritization
  • Omni-channel contextual experience and chatbot
  • Capacity and resource management for administration
  • Notifications/reminders based on flexible workflows at data import or appointment last mile

5.Provider Onboarding

This screen captures information from vaccine providing centres such as inventory capacity details, their capability to store vaccines, and the provider is eligible enough to be a part of the vaccination drive. These details would then help during appointment scheduling, ensuring the availability of vaccines at the selected centre. Some of the highlight features here are

  • Call centre and inbound routing for assignment of appointments to appropriate teams
  • Ability to create Appointments on behalf of constituents

6.Provider Employee Engagement

Assists in onboarding and training of healthcare professionals. Key features to make this seamless include

  • Efficient support of Agents with playbooks guided decisions to deliver appropriate and consistent support
  • Supports field service and mobile workers

7.Workplace Management

It helps identify and trace if an employee or customer has been exposed to someone tested positive for COVID.
Key features include

  • Enables field service organizations to evaluate exposure risks
  • See which customer and technicians someone has had contact with
  • View assets and locations that were part of a technician’s work

The feature set listed above is evident in how ServiceNow Vaccine Management acts as the connecting link between the vaccine supply chain and assists in sharing data across to all participating members maintaining transparency in the workflow, and ensuring successful implementation of the vaccination plan.

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