ServiceNow Launches Manufacturing Solutions to Power New Era of Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure. Poor maintenance strategies can reduce a plant’s overall productive capacity by 5% to 20%. Recent studies also show that unplanned downtime is costing industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion each year. The skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled and put $2.5 trillion in manufacturing GDP at risk over the next decade.

ServiceNow Launches Manufacturing Solutions to Power New Era of Smart Manufacturing

At Knowledge 2021, ServiceNow’s flagship digital experience for its clients, partners, and developer community, the company revealed new industry-specific solutions for manufacturers.

On DxSherpa’s ServiceNow Platform, ServiceNow’s manufacturing solutions already integrates people, processes, knowledge, and technologies to make processes efficient and effective. However, now operations will become more efficient and effective while enhancing the employee experience.

DxSherpa’s Operational Technology Management

Operational Technology Management (OT Management), ServiceNow’s latest industrial service, tackles manufacturers’ demand to maintain the availability of their vital technology, a demand exacerbated by COVID-19. OT Management, which is created on the ServiceNow Platform, is adapted to the specific needs of operational technology and enables manufacturers to gain:

  • Visibility – Decrease weak points and respond proactively with a unified perspective across IT and OT. With automated OT system discovery, users can understand more about the relationships and dependencies amongst systems.
  • Availability – Workflows and change management methods created for OT systems can help users avoid downtime and increase response and recovery.
  • Security – With pre-built proactive and reactive security workflows, users can minimize the risk and optimize compliance efforts.

DxSherpa is already effective in manufacturing as DxSherpa’s ServiceNow currently offers three areas of smart operations:

  • Remote Monitoring – It is monitored proactively in real-time, and actions can be automated based on the trends. Businesses can collect equipment data from remote systems providing unprecedented visibility into an individual’s current location.
  • Smart Maintenance – Running equipment until it fails can mean unplanned downtime and loss of revenue. Smart maintenance is about real-time monitoring. The platform allows a business to shift from reactive and scheduled maintenance to condition and usage-based preventative maintenance.
  • Smart Field Services – Inefficient routing increases cost and can delay other processes, creating awful customer experiences. Smart field services can be used to identify where people and assets are and how long they have been there. This information enables real-time traceability, route optimization, and a better customer experience.

Connecting Workers for a New Era of Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and worldwide events, such as COVID-19, have boosted digital investments in manufacturing operations. Manufacturers must now equip their workforce with relevant data and digital workflows to improve decision-making and increase productivity to maximize the return on these investments. Fortunately, DxSherpa’s ServiceNow already provides the ultimate convergence for Industry 4.0, leading to customer experience.

Workers will be connected to digital operations by ServiceNow’s new manufacturing solutions, which would provide them with training, expertise, and real-time data and communication. Organizations may increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), cut costs, and drive continuous improvement by putting people at the heart of the industrial digital experience.

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