Preparing IT Organizations for ServiceNow Implementation

For digital transformation of organizations, ServiceNow is an increasingly popular tool for IT Services Management (ITSM). The inclusiveness in ServiceNow enables the business to use a single platform for their ITSM needs.
The following six steps will help to take control of ITSM in the business when implementing ServiceNow.Preparing IT Organizations for ServiceNow Implementation

  1. Build a plan that considers the future

    Get the ServiceNow foundation right. Invest in creating the right scalable foundation to leverage ServiceNow for digital transformation across the enterprise.

  2. Follow best practices

    You need to focus on best practices. Follow the best practices and don’t try to reinvent the wheel each time just because it allows to get through the process easily.

  3. Consider new hires or contract workers

    You can decide whether to implement internally or outsource some portion of the project to meet the timeline for completion.
    It’s more than a ticketing system- It’s truly an enterprise platform.
    It’s not just a service desk, technology operations centers. It is a strategic platform powering all the IT activity/applications.

  4. Be transparent and train workers

    Consider training the staff and any employees on relevant ServiceNow tools or ITSM frameworks. The adoption rate would be much higher. Employees should be skilled and readily available to work on the platform.

  5. Specialized automation

    One of the biggest features of ServiceNow is the ability to automate manual processes, freeing up employees to work on more complex projects. This will improve process consistency by reducing the human error and increase the accuracy in repetitive tasks. But it’s important to know that what is automated and to understand how that automation is supported by the business process in question

  6. Be ready to grow

    Make sure to have a roadmap of capabilities to keep marching forward and guide the expansion. The automation or making the tool adopt digitization is on demand to grow the business. The stakeholders need to take a decision towards investment in this platform upgradation.

    ServiceNow is flexible for its extensibility, so chances are one will start the work with ITSM, but as the benefits are reaped and it shows strong ROI, one can start to extent out the implementation to the entire enterprise.


For successful implementation of ITSM, you need to consider all of the above points. Dxsherpa’s “ just don’t execute, instead listen first” approach will definitely help in understanding the requirement completely and successfully implement the project.