Make Better Decisions with ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Does continuous service health monitoring, proactive outage prevention, in-depth failure impact analysis, cost-effective cloud resource provisioning, and many automation options sound good? These are some of the benefits of ServiceNow IT Operations Management. Businesses can enhance their cloud strategy with ServiceNow IT Operations Management. Companies can get end-to-end visibility into business services and underlying infrastructure, improve service health, and incorporate automation to speed up service delivery by adopting ServiceNow IT Operations Management.

Make Better Decisions with ServiceNow IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management (ITOM) is a set of services, processes, and best practices for improving an organisation’s IT operations’ availability, efficiency, and performance. The firm saves money on infrastructure, enhances the usage of current resources, and lowers the risk of human error by using ServiceNow IT Operations Management. IT Operations Management’s objectives are to:

  • Improve the consistency and reliability of IT services
  • Automate processes using AI and machine learning
  • Move away from reactive problem-solving and toward proactive prevention
  • Right-size IT resources following real-time consumption demands

Why Businesses Need DxSherpa’s ServiceNow IT Operations Management

The field of IT infrastructure and operations is rapidly changing. Traditionally, the sector has concentrated on providing engineering and operational services to a specified group of people in a specified area with specified data centres. However, the traditional function of IT infrastructure and operations is quickly becoming obsolete, thanks to the rise of cloud, artificial intelligence, and edge services.

With high-level automation solutions and service modelling capabilities, ServiceNow ITOM simplifies IT Operations Management operations, assuring ultimate accountability of the IT infrastructure. In addition, it determines how the ITOM plan should be implemented. By dynamically managing IT infrastructure, the IT staff can automate manual operations and focus more on delivering business goals.

ServiceNow ITOM brings together business systems and services under one roof, simplifying IT management. In addition, the IT Operations Management dashboard delivers more profound insights into the IT infrastructure’s health. ServiceNow ITOM uses predictive and machine learning algorithms to provide deep analytics about service delivery efficiencies, identify infrastructure problems, and even recommend self-healing solutions. IT teams can be more responsive to changing business needs using ServiceNow ITOM. IT Operations Management also integrates well with new technologies and services. Top IT managers can view overall application and infrastructure performance with ServiceNow ITOM. As a result, this IT investment can guide future IT investments, which provides essential information into the department’s weak points.

The Benefits of ServiceNow ITOM

  • Improve service visibility – Gain a better understanding of how IT infrastructure from different data centres and cloud providers interacts to deliver business services.
  • Increase service availability –Detect, diagnose, and automatically resolve service issues before they become a problem.
  • Improve service agility – Automate IT operations and initiate remediation activities to address issue circumstances that affect business services before they become a problem.
  • Manage hybrid clouds – Give users self-service access to cloud resources, enforce good governance and compliance automatically, and get a clear picture of cloud costs.
  • Leverage IT Service Management investment – Seamlessly integrate IT Operations Management capabilities into ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) to provide a comprehensive solution for preventing service disruptions and managing hybrid clouds.

Better Visibility During Change

Visibility throughout the entire organisation is vital, but visibility is especially crucial when the organisation is going through a substantial shift. IT Operations Management can assist organisations in maintaining visibility in the wake of enormous change. They may do so with ServiceNow ITOM, allowing enterprises to manage infrastructure and services from a single location. As a result, organisations may improve service quality, strengthen change processes, decrease risk, optimise infrastructure expenditure, and eliminate software compliance challenges by using this single source.

Faster Analysis & Resolution

Employees don’t have to waste time on time-consuming, error-prone activities using ServiceNow ITOM, and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) also can assist in preventing service disruptions. These two factors use relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data to minimise time to issue resolution.

Better Reporting & Data Accessibility

As data becomes more widely available, it’s critical to make it available to everyone in the team who requires it. Data accessibility and reporting have increased thanks to ServiceNow ITOM, which has aided in making informed business choices and ensuring compliance. Companies cannot afford to have unnecessary noise and disconnected systems obstructing their ability to make business decisions. Organisations must always be prepared to respond to service disruptions swiftly and intelligently before they have a detrimental impact on the business’s health or the customer experience.

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