IT Transformation with DxSherpa & ServiceNow

IT Transformation with DxSherpa & ServiceNow

One of the most important lessons learned by businesses from the pandemic was how quickly emerging technologies like low-code development and digital workflows became established. Many companies recognized how fast and efficiently they could respond to change once it happened almost overnight.

COVID-19, according to some, accelerated digital innovation by seven years. The question isn’t whether or not firms would have digitized by now, but when. Almost everyone nowadays believes that corporations can operate more rapidly and agilely than previously assumed.

IT Transformation with DxSherpa & ServiceNow

Becoming Digitally Unbreakable

Without resorting to advanced development resources, organizations may become more digitally resilient and take advantage of disruptions. Instead, firms can follow a few basic digital transformation principles:

  • Identify what breaks – To make organizations less breakable, consider the polar opposite: what part of the organization is most likely to break. The majority of the time, it’s a manual process that’s either overly sluggish, fragmented, or reliant on a small number of key people. Process handoffs are complicated in these situations, interdependencies are unclear, and speed is almost difficult to achieve. Processes quickly break apart if a key person or, worse, an entire region is unavailable.
  • Digitize workflows and knowledge –Manual processes must be digitized after they have been discovered and mapped to integrate people, devices, systems, and data in a single workflow. This gives firms the visibility they need to spot potential bottlenecks and avoid them. It also aids in the centralization and codification of organizational knowledge. The same notion applies to most business-critical activities, from supply chain to safe return to work, and it assists executives in swiftly comprehending events and reacting appropriately.
  • Automate to Optimize – Workflows can be automated after they have been digitized. On a basic level, this could imply a self-service password reset so that the organization is not hampered if IT is unavailable or occupied. At a higher level, it could involve hyper-automation, which combines AI, robotic process automation, and process mining to automate end-to-end business and IT operations. Hyper automation, in particular, promises a more responsive, efficient, and productive company in which people concentrate on innovation, strategy, and empathy while computers take care of the rest.
  • Technology is Not Enough – Digital workflows are essential, but technology is never sufficient on its own. People are more resilient when connected to the goal; thus, culture and purpose are equally vital. People understand why they are persevering in the face of hardship and the impact their efforts will have. As a result, they can see opportunity amid difficulty, which is ultimately what it takes to emerge stronger from a crisis.

Modernize & Automate IT

IT transformation with DxSherpa Technologies and ServiceNow modernizes IT service experiences. It detects and resolves problems automatically. To increase productivity, it also aligns activities across strategy and operations.

The solutions to power IT transformation are IT Service Management, IT Business Management, IT Operations Management, and Security Operations:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) – DxSherpa Technologies’ ServiceNow IT Service Management delivers scalable workflows for managing and providing IT services through a single cloud platform. The IT Service Management system can assist businesses in increasing efficiency, resolving issues, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Users may swiftly accelerate technology upgrades and examine recommended actions for incoming tickets or requests and drive self-service and automation through chatbot technology because platform native AI drives ServiceNow IT Service Management. Users can also access IT Service Management via mobile or web-portal interfaces on the NOW platform.
  • IT Business Management (ITBM) – DxSherpa Technologies’ ServiceNow IT Business Management enables enterprises to deal with problems. Additionally, ServiceNow IT Business Management uses digital processes to help enterprises manage and develop their key business services. By optimizing the three main parts of any delivery pipeline — visibility, alignment, and speed – IT Business Management assists enterprises in meeting their objectives.
  • IT Operations Management – ServiceNow ITOM with DxSherpa Technologies is a comprehensive solution to modern technology challenges such as integrating disparate IT processes, resolving service outages quickly, and simplifying cloud complexities by improving stakeholder visibility and control the organization’s data, investments, projects, and workforce. By implementing ITOM, businesses can gain end-to-end visibility into business services and underlying infrastructure, improve the health of the services, and introduce automation to increase the pace of service delivery.
  • Security Operations – ServiceNow Security Operations with DxSherpa Technologies brings incident data from security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to an organization. Many organizations struggle to identify security threats and vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and coordinate with IT to remediate them. Using Security Operations, security analysts and vulnerability managers can seamlessly automate their security tools and communicate with IT by working in a unified platform.

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