The knowledge 2020 happened on a digital platform amid the pandemic. This advanced experience exhibited all the ways you can be more productive through modern digital plans, highlight the latest customer and platform innovations. It also inspired the ServiceNow community to continue to create great experiences for businesses by creating a phenomenal digital experience that will engage, inspire, and connect you to the best practices from our customers around the world.
In the first week of knowledge 2020, they made history as ServiceNow’s first-ever virtual conference for thousands of its employees, partners, and customers participating from their homes around the world.

knowledge 2020 overview

CEO Bill McDermott started the event by speaking about how the Now Platform is helping meet the challenges of the current global crisis. “The world is in a seminal moment,” he said, adding that participants should use K20 to tap into the power of community to create needed solutions. “One is never smarter than all of us,” he said.

Pablo Stern, SVP of IT Workflow Products, in the IT Workflows keynote explained how ServiceNow got through different obstacles. “We had to take 10,000 employees remote almost overnight,” he said. “IT was really the hero of that transformation.” Stern explained the potential of recent advances in the Now Platform to bolster IT as a strategic force for the enterprise. Virtual agents powered by advanced natural language processing, improved self-service functionality, and increased integration with machine learning will help companies keep pace with the speed of digital innovation

Farrell Hope, SVP of Customer Workflows, explained in the Customer Workflows Keynote that as demand for online customer service skyrocketed during the pandemic, the Now Platform met the moment across its customer base with both functionality and scalability. She explained that Service Now has already been working with the state of Tennessee to take all of its citizens’ food assistance applications digital.

The Employee Workflows keynote by Blake McConnell, SVP of Employee Workflow Products focused on the power of self-service, chatbots, AL, and ML. Whether that means onboarding, replacing a broken laptop, or answering a benefits question, McConnell said, “our focus is on frictionless employee service delivery.” He invited executives from American Express Global Business Travel to discuss how self-service features handle 90% of employee cases.

The first week of knowledge 2020 was filled with exciting sessions and speakers that broke ground on our digital experience.

Keynote speaker of the second week will be the VP of the Now Platform, Marcus Torres. Marcus will explain how citizen developers can focus on work that matters. With the new capabilities of the Now Platform, professional developers can focus on the work that matters most and you can empower citizen developers to unleash innovation across the organization with no-code tools and pre-built AI capabilities and models.

knowledge 2020

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