Learning a new technology is not a cakewalk for everyone. One need some support, some base to understand the technology. So coming to ServiceNow – it is a cloud-based platform (PAAS) for IT Service Management. Consider a situation, while working on ServiceNow, one is stuck somewhere, what should be done? Yes, of course, there is a ServiceNow community and google who has most of the solution however, the problem is what should be the best and free resources one can search for. In this blog, we will provide the information about a few free online resources every ServiceNow professional should be aware of:

  1. Developer site: –

    The very first resource is the developer site, where one can get all the details regarding ServiceNow. It provides the Learning plans, documentation and trainings. Developer site provides the knowledge and information to build, plan and develop the application.

  2. ServiceNow Docs: –

    In this store, one gets the detailed information and documentation of the ServiceNow topics. What we love about the ServiceNow documentation is its assemblage with respect to categories. It provides the best practices and category wise examples. One will find the developer reference documentation at this site.

  3. ServiceNow Guru: –

    It provides administrative and detailed scripting information. If one refers to the ServiceNow guru, they will get the basic idea of scripting. In ServiceNow Guru, the homepage is group by four categories ‘Most Popular SNGuru Article’, ‘Popular System Article’, ’Popular Scripting Cheat Sheets’, ‘More Scripting Cheat Sheets’.

  4. Code Creative: –

    This will help in getting business solutions on ServiceNow. One can view latest post search by the developers. Here one will find the detailed service portal coding with good examples. So as its name suggests, it is really a code creative site.

  5. ServiceNow Edureka:-

    Here one can find blogs on ServiceNow and detailed information on that topic. Suppose someone wants to search for the administration, they can get a block for that to go through it easily. Edureka also provide a video tutorial so that one gets a better insight.

  6. Hi-Service Portal: –

    While opening this site, one can find the line” Ready to Assist You 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week”. So, as the line suggests, it contains all the details regarding any queries for ServiceNow. It has five categories, namely: ‘Hi Service Portal’, ‘Documentation’, ‘Community’, ‘Knowledge Base’, ‘Known Error Portal’. On this site, one will get the all fine points as well as upgradation and migration of ServiceNow details.

  7. DxSherpa: –

    DxSherpa is an authorized partner of ServiceNow which is having 15+ combined experiences in IT Industry. On their site, one can find numerous resources videos, blogs, webinars and case studies for ServiceNow. It can add tremendous value with their knowledge, experience and creativity in ServiceNow projects.