The theme for week five was ‘dream’. Bill McDermott, ServiceNow CEO, Chief Product Officer CJ Desai, Amy Lokey, VP and global head of design were the main keynote speakers who inspired all to dream together, to move faster than ever before, and to flourish in the new normal. General Manager of Telecommunications Media and Technology at ServiceNow, Chris Bauschka, talked about the power of the proactive experience in telecommunications. ServiceNow’s Lauren Robbins, general manager of financial services discussed speed and resilience in the era of trust. General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at ServiceNow, Mike Luessi, will tackled the topic of health and science by exploring how to make healthcare work for everyone. Lastly, Bob Osborn, CTO of global government sector shared with viewers how to unleash business agility in government.

The recent unforeseen circumstances have demanded unprecedented response. Value chains have been broken and work has forever changed. The organizations that have embraced digital transformation are those who get to rewrite the script. Major global brands are accelerating growth and productivity with ServiceNow by reimagining the employee and customer experience.

Using ServiceNow in the most effective way requires proper training from experts. Training your process users effectively helps you in meeting your adoption targets faster and be well on your way to achieving your business objectives. A session was dedicated to explain how to determine the expertise needed on your ServiceNow team.

Meghan Sander, technical business analyst for Finance of America Mortgage shared the journey of The Finance of America in her session. The change was a long and twisty one that went from manual to automated. Between emails, spreadsheets and the dreaded “other” category, there was little structure in the IT processes. Today, getting assistance from IT has never been easier for on-the- go employees with the introduction of mobile and chat. One small team rebuilt everything from automated onboarding, proper assignment in a fancy service catalog, to mobile and chat.

Susan Arnold, systems engineer at Walmart, highlighted what the retail giant has done to lower their incidents created from events and how they’ve automated the intake process for event and alert management. This session helps in resolving issues where repetitive actions are needed to create event and alert rules, noise reduction and incident reduction.

A session tried to explain how 7-eleven expanded its customer base through digital transformation. 7-Eleven merged 16 service desks and completed 32 internal and external integrations within 11 months. They created a 7Help Store Support Portal that is accessible any time, from anywhere, from any device and is a one stop shop for all support needs. There were too many points of contact, multiple systems, and duplicate cases, resulting in increased cost for franchisees. Before 7-Eleven consolidated on the Now Platform, challenging questions used to come up: What’s the average cost of support for that store footprint? Is that profitable for us to run? Why do I have to call to get the status of my case? What does our combined caseload look like for the stores in my area?

Some fun activities were also planned for the viewers. Guitar superstars Rodrigo Y Gabriela was seen rocking out with all the attendees. A workout session was also scheduled with HIIT: Boxing 101 and how to make homemade pasta was taught by Chef Matt from SPQR, Matt is a Michelin-rated chef.

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