Digitize your supply chain to search for possibilities in every route

ServiceNow for manufacturing industries

Covid19 global pandemic has caused distress to economies all over the world due to disruption in operations across various sectors. One such industry that was majorly impacted was the manufacturing industry. It resulted in low-scale operations which in turn caused decreased production volumes. The lockdowns imposed in various countries impacted both the demand and the supply side of the manufacturing sector. It led to setbacks in logistics, demand fluctuation enlargement, and increased risk. This has forced manufacturers to rethink risk management, manufacturing operations, personnel requirements, and other contingency plans. It is therefore critical to analyze the impact the pandemic had on the manufacturing sector and explore corresponding countermeasures like digitization. There is a need to focus on developing the business using new technology solutions to increase resilience and enhance operations. This will lead to increased business growth and help sustain a competitive advantage.
Digital transformation in manufacturing industry will fuel rapid change and build resilience with functions like demand/supply analysis, real-time information sharing, portfolio analysis, and network analysis. Manufacturers with digital platforms will be able to access real-time data and respond quickly to disruptions with advanced analytical capabilities.

Digitize your supply chain to search

ServiceNow provides a single cloud-based platform to ensure smooth business operations with its end-to-end connectivity and management. It helps businesses with accurate information sharing, quick resolution of problems, and real-time data to drive customer engagement. The solution provided is data-driven which helps with in-depth analysis to reduce risk and ensure increased supply chain efficiency. The omnichannel platform enhances customer experiences with its digitized supply chain. With ServiceNow, manufacturers can meet the rising expectations of customers, dealers, and distributors by early identification of operational challenges and taking corrective measures.

Features of ServiceNow for manufacturing:

Digitize your supply chain to search

  • Self-Service Portal: ServiceNow provides a self-service portal to its users to check the status of the product, track payment of invoices, initiate cancellation and refunds. It also provides a feedback mechanism that helps the manufacturers to collect ideas and suggestions from the customers for ongoing improvements.
  • Real-time insights: Real-time insights improves operational efficiency by making the process smoother and more accurate. It provides a level of control to the manufacturers and ensures that the disruptions if caused, are resolved at the earliest to minimize their impact.
  • Performance analysis: ServiceNow helps manufacturers to collect real-time data to leverage predictive analysis. There is continuous performance evaluation and analysis of key indexes for insights relating to problem-solving and improvement potential. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Automation: Servicenow provides a unified platform that enables capacity enhancement through process automation. It also offers speedy resolution to customer problems with AI-Powered chatbots and Machine learning helps the workflow to route the issue to the right personnel
  • Proactive approach: AI-driven algorithms predict production issues beforehand to ensure that the products that are delivered to the customers are defect-free.

Why should manufacturers opt for this solution?

Improved Operational Efficiency: ServiceNow provides automated systems and cloud-based digital solutions, which help the manufacturers to streamline the process flows. It breaks down silos to eliminate redundant processes to accelerate the overall operational efficiency of the supply chain.

Cost Reduction: The digital transformation solution of ServiceNow leads to reduced supply chain costs, both in terms of personnel and equipment, as well as time. Real-time insights and proactive measures help manufacturers to predict and analyze the situation better and also lead to new revenue streams.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: ServiceNow cloud-based service platform offers a self-service portal, knowledge base, feedback mechanism, reverse logistics solutions, and online community resources from virtual agents which enhances customer engagement.

What is in store for customers and Dealers?

Customers: ServiceNow provides a personalized self-service portal that allows the customers to track the location of their order, apply for refunds and cancellations, raise complaints, get queries answered, and check for payment procedures. It accelerates order returns with its reverse logistics solution, which also includes repackaging the goods when an item is disassembled and calls for reintegration in the warehouse.

Dealers: Dealers and distributors have access to real-time accurate data for decision-making related to forecasts and inventory planning. This helps them to plan their stock demand and supply. They can also track the payment invoice, important stock-keeping units, pricing list, and samples with ease.

ServiceNow and DxSherpa Technologies’ single unified solution can ensure strengthened relationships with all the major stakeholders of the supply chain; customers, dealers, and distributors.

Let us together digitize your supply chain to search for possibilities in every route.