Digital transformation, the need of this hour

“How to improve productivity by offloading manual process on digital workflow”, was the main topic of discussion in Knowledge 2020’s third week. “Digital transformation is hard, but everyone is going through it, and different companies have different pressures, especially in this new normal.” said ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi in his Knowledge 2020 keynote. “It starts with an amazing employee experience. If I can do that, then I can deliver what our customers truly need.” said Dean Robison, ServiceNow’s SVP of global technical support. These were some of the statements given on making workplaces digital especially keeping the current situation in mind.

Stephen McCarty, a senior analyst at ABF Freight’s parent company, ArcBest, shared company’s experience of digital transformation. The company relied on a byzantine process for replacing mobile devices that resulted in endless email chains between executives, purchasing reps, and IT, and delays that often went on for months. “Users had no way of knowing where their devices were in this jumbled mess,” said Stephen McCarty in a Knowledge 2020 presentation. Over a period of several years working with ServiceNow, ABF ultimately reduced its device-replacement process from months to days, and expanded its mobile capacity at the same time. Previously ABF mobile devices could be used on just three types of jobs. Today they can handle 11 different jobs.

Jeffrey Gore, senior director of product management at ServiceNow talked about creating safe workplaces for employees to return after the pandemic in his presentation. After the release of ServiceNow’s COVID-19 emergency response apps, new “safe workplace” apps were introduced that will help companies adapt as they gradually allow workers back into corporate spaces. These include:

  • Employee readiness surveys
  • Employee health screenings
  • PPE inventory management
  • Workplace safety management
  • Safe workplace dashboards

Gore explained, these apps support two related but different objectives ‘workplace readiness and workforce safety’. In these trying times, it’s essential to give employees the right digital experience. “You must have the ability to respond to change,” Gore said. “We also understand what we don’t know. This is going to be a very complicated and iterative process for organizations to go through.” These were few main things discussed in the third week of Knowledge 2020.

Theme for week four of Knowledge 2020 is ‘get connected’. In this week’s Customer Success keynote, the top asks from their customers, and a host of tools and resources to help you succeed will be discussed. VP of Customer Success, Helen Kottenstette, will present these resources and introduce customers with key insights to share about the Now Platform.

A new Customer Success channel will be introduced, where you can search for prescriptive content and tools to help your organization achieve its goals with the Now Platform. Featured content includes the Genius Lounge, Success Consultations, meetups, and much more.

In this testing time, week four will brings us some fun with DOGA or, Doggy Yoga. Annie Appleby, DOGA instructor of seven years will walk attendees through this Dog Yoga exercise. She recommends attendees bring their furry friend, and get ready to bond with them in a new way!

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