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All about ServiceNow Certifications

All about ServiceNow Certifications

Hello ServiceNow peoples, welcome to the NOW world of technology. Am sure f you are reading this blog means you are pretty interested in the ServiceNow certifications.

There are many level and many types of ServiceNow certification is been available, which will officially provide by the ServiceNow

The Mainline certifications are there and also with that there is the micro certifications available. Some certificates are available for the free and some of them are paid. But again the Certification which will described your value of the Knowledge you are containing with you.

The path of the mainline Certification is as below –

  1. Certified System Administrator –
    If you have this certification which means you have the good knowledge on the Admin module and you can have a good value in the industry for the same.
    For completing the CSA certification there are some prerequisites that are given by ServiceNow. ServiceNow recommends that the atlest you have 6 months to 1 year of the experience in the ServiceNow then apply for the exam, but again it is just a one of the recommendation is given. For giving the exam you need to the ServiceNow Fundamentals Course or On Demand path for the same. After the completion of that you will receive a Vocher for the CSA exam which is valid for the 1 year and after claiming that you will able to give the CSA.
  2. Certified Application Developer –
    If you have this certifications which means that you have the good knowledge on the product and are you able to understand the user requirement and try to fulfill them with the proper solution.
    For completing the CAD you need to first clear CAD certification after that the next part is there for the scripting so for that you may option the Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals or the another option is Application Development Fundamentals
    Once you cleared you have the good knowledge on the ServiceNow scripting part is the understanding off the person.
  3. Certified Implementation Specialist –
    If you have this certification means you have some specialization available for the ServiceNow.
    The ServiceNow is really a very vast technology and also it is growing rapidly in the market so if you have some specialization means you are aware about that module in details is what the understanding.

The spealizzation you may select from the following category

Different modules available for the spinalization

This are the different modules available for the spinalization

Then there is the second category of the certification which is Micro certification which means you are having the knowledge of the particular topic in depth

Example Flow Designer – micro certification

Which means for this there is the one course is given and through that you need to understand/ learn the things for the flow designer and then the give the assessment for the flow designer only which is online.

The mainline certification which we discuss earlier in this blog will required the proper Authenticated exam which is probably contains the 60 questions which is having the 90 minutes of the time

If you are planning for the Certification exam just well prepared for the same.

All the Best !

Author : Aneri Shah