360 Degree Business Assessment

DxSherpa offers a systemized, procedural business assessment and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can accurately communicate your current reality, opportunities, and the gaps in between IT landscape and digital transformation.

360 Degree business assessment

Improve maturity by leveraging our business assessment

Leveraging Our Business Assessment

The goal of a Service Management initiative is to establish a common and efficient approach for various functions within IT value chain (internal and external) to deliver stable and reliable IT Services to the business customer.

Continual Service Improvement






These are core of our 360 degree business assessment:

Core of Our 360 Degree Business Assessment

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360 Degree Business Assessment Benefits

360 Degree Business Assessment Benefits

  • Assessments are valuable to most organizations to
  • Evaluate progress against the roadmap,
  • Identify areas that are obstacles to success,
  • To establish a mechanism to measure improvement

50% -75% reduction in unplanned work for mission critical services

10% -25% increase in productivity

20% – 30% improvement in Customer Satisfaction

30% – 50% reduced IT operational costs

Why work with DxSherpa?

Commitment and vision: We identify strategic digital pieces to enable enterprises to embrace digital by default. It enables organizations to see the magnitude of digital impact and help them implement the blueprint.

Operational Excellence: Increases flexibility and agility to deploy enterprise-wide digital businesses through automating business activities, back-end process to provide better customer experience.

Customer Lifetime Value: To create personalized digital services resulting in higher customer lifetime value and increasing customer loyalty.

Technology Adoption: Implementing strategic changes in how to spur workplace innovation and cultivate digital experiences

Enhance Business Capabilities: Evaluate efficiencies, the connectedness of the processes and predicting
risk and opportunities.

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